The Dark Times Is Child’s Play

Episode VI: Core of Corruption

The Nazren uprising is over. Out of the chaos, Senator Organa’s agents return to the starship RESURGENCE with new data essential to discovering the origins of the mysterious SARLACC PROJECT.

Fearing that swift Imperial action will invalidate the compromised information, the Imperial traitor ADMIRAL VARTH has reassembled Organa’s agents for a dangerous trip to the heart of the EMPIRE. There they must continue their desperate search for the Sarlacc Project, under the oppressive gaze of the Empire itself…


Your resistance team has accepted a mission into the Core Worlds region of the galaxy given by Admiral Varth and supported by Captain Verana of the Resurgence. Your objective is to locate the design team of the Sarlacc project which has been determined to be located on Imperial Center, formerly Coruscant. You know only that encrypted transmissions have been detected related to the project originating from the government sector wherein can be found, among other notable buildings, the Imperial Senate Chamber, the Emperor’s Palace and the now abandoned Jedi Temple.
Your team’s starship has been impounded by Imperial Customs Agent Talee under suspicion of carrying contraband cargo but more importantly due to the maltreatment perceived by the agent that she has received by a number of your team mates. The fee imposed upon you in order to free the starship from its landing platform is 17,000 Imperial credits. Additionally, the ship is to undergo a more thorough customs inspection which may result in further fines and/or imprisonment.
The inspection has been delayed, however, due to a late crisis situation involving the announcement over all Imperial channels from a deranged half-human, half-cyborg noble named Archa Sabis who plans to litter the surface with billions of Imperial credits at precisely midnight. As a result, the entire planet is on heightened alert status resulting in the diverting of military and local security resources to track down the mad being and to increase the overall security of notable buildings and public areas. The Imperial Center’s skylanes are noticeably heavily occupied by Imperial forces.
At this point, your first task is to determine what equipment to bring with you as you begin your investigations and to locate transportation.

Our intrepid heroes in this galactic struggle are as follows:

  • B1-X An experimental battle droid from the Clone Wars era, the only one of this kind. Can think for himself but often has delusions of grandeur.
  • Trissen A tough, no-nonsense mercenary Trandoshan soldier. Name your price in credits and there is no job too big or too small…
  • Mharrula the Shade A female Trianni high born lady who acts like a street-wise scoundrel.
  • Torrent A survivor of the Order 66 struggling to continue his path in the waning Jedi tradition.

Dawn of Defiance

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