The Dark Times Is Child’s Play

Episode V: The First To Strike

The evil Inquisitor Draco has been defeated within the bowels of the mysterious and Dark Side corrupted Jedi Temple of Almas having ridden to hell on the back of a monstrous dragon. However, the battle against the powerful Empire goes on. Our heroes establish a new front against this near impenetrable foe on the slave planet of Nizon. Can they bring peace and freedom to the captives with the expulsion of the Imperial Navy from that system?

Our intrepid heroes in this galactic struggle are as follows:

  • B1-X An experimental battle droid from the Clone Wars era, the only one of this kind. Can think for himself but often has delusions of grandeur.
  • Trissen A tough, no-nonsense mercenary Trandoshan soldier. Name your price in credits and there is no job too big or too small…
  • Mharrula the Shade A female Trianni high born lady who acts like a street-wise scoundrel.
  • Titania Mharrula’s unpredictable astromech side-kick.
  • Torrent A survivor of the Order 66 struggling to continue his path in the waning Jedi tradition.
  • Gumbo Torrent’s trusty R7 mechanic droid.

Dawn of Defiance

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