Dawn of Defiance

B1-X’s Log

Believe it or not, today was actually a normal day, but I’ll tell about it anyway: First, I got sent on a mission to Gallifrey…I mean Imperial Center anyway, then I used My Incredible starship skills (along with a little help) to land on that bustling planet. After that I met a customs agent(who was rude) and she wanted to inspect our stuff….I convinced her not to but now we cat..can’t get to our ship and got out fine.. erm fined then a cool guy called Arba Sadis who likes droids and he’s gonna rain COLD HARD CASH all over da place……………………………………………………….And that’s completely normal

Episode VI
Core of Corruption

Episode VI


_The Nazren uprising is over. Out of the chaos, Senator Organa’s agents return to the starship RESURGENCE with new data essential to discovering the origins of the mysterious SARLACC PROJECT.

Fearing that swift Imperial action will invalidate the compromised information, the Imperial traitor ADMIRAL VARTH has reassembled Organa’s agents for a dangerous trip to the heart of the EMPIRE. There they must continue their desperate search for the Sarlacc Project, under the oppressive gaze of the Empire itself…_


Your resistance team has accepted a mission into the Core Worlds region of the galaxy given by Admiral Varth and supported by Captain Verana of the Resurgence. Your objective is to locate the design team of the Sarlacc project which has been determined to be located on Imperial Center, formerly Coruscant. You know only that encrypted transmissions have been detected related to the project originating from the government sector wherein can be found, among other notable buildings, the Imperial Senate Chamber, the Emperor’s Palace and the now abandoned Jedi Temple.
Your team’s starship has been impounded by Imperial Customs Agent Talee under suspicion of carrying contraband cargo but more importantly due to the maltreatment perceived by the agent that she has received by a number of your team mates. The fee imposed upon you in order to free the starship from its landing platform is 17,000 Imperial credits. Additionally, the ship is to undergo a more thorough customs inspection which may result in further fines and/or imprisonment.
The inspection has been delayed, however, due to a late crisis situation involving the announcement over all Imperial channels from a deranged half-human, half-cyborg noble named Archa Sabis who plans to litter the surface with billions of Imperial credits at precisely midnight. As a result, the entire planet is on heightened alert status resulting in the diverting of military and local security resources to track down the mad being and to increase the overall security of notable buildings and public areas. The Imperial Center’s skylanes are noticeably heavily occupied by Imperial forces.
At this point, your first task is to determine what equipment to bring with you as you begin your investigations and to locate transportation.

A Part of the Tribe

Our heroes find themselves held against their wills by a group of Nazren warriors deep within the bowels of a large mountain on the planet of Nizon…

Trissen casually retorted, “Well, you think you’d be thanking us. I mean, exactly how long have you been here?”

The Nazren chieftain grew angry at this and replied harshly, “Thank you? And for what?!”

“Do not speak directly to the chief, offworlder dogs! Speak only through me!”

The Nazren shaman shook his scorpion-tailed topped staff in righteous indignation at the Alderaanian resistance team. He approached the group decending from the throne dias upon which the feather head-dressed and adorned chieftain sat. The spindly-legged Nazren roughly half the size of the normally towering species addressed the team with condescension and disgust. Arrogantly apologizing on behalf of the newcomers, the blue and red face-painted advisor with a look dared the group to respond. B1-X made a comment about the odd nature of the people to the bewildered Trissen as he tried to explain, “You know, over the skies of Cloud City? Does the Shackles of Nizon mean anything to you?”

“Yeah, why are you guys getting angry at us?”, adds B1-X.

“If we are angry do you not think that we have the right to be so?! You are the invaders along with the men in white! This is our world and this is our home and you are the uninvited guests! Slavery was unknown to us until the offworlders arrived!” The shaman rattles his scorpion-tailed staff in rage leading a tumult of pounding of the cavern floor from the warrior group assembled in observance of the proceedings.

The Lady Mharrula then opened her mouth to silence the crowd as she addressed them as one who had authority. “You would judge us as belonging to those which are loyal to the Empire? We, too are against slavery and would seek to have you and your people freed from the tyranny of the Emperor!”

Trissen adds support, “Right! I mean it was us who made it possible for your ship to escape in the first place.”

The chieftain’s eyes go wide with this revelation, “Go on.”

Taking this as a sign of good will and hope for her friends, “My lord, it was indeed the work of my group which destroyed the Imperial starfighters which opened fire on the freighter known as the Shackles of Nizon thus securing the safety of your people, though in chains, residing therein.”

“Why should we believe you, offworlder! Your kind has shown itself to be a group of liars and thieves!” The shaman interposes himself between the Lady Mharrula and his chief taking on the role of the antagonist in this battle of wits.

“Indeed you have no reason to believe otherwise save for the evidence of our committment to peace.”

Enraged at the prospect of having his question answered with such ease and confidence, the shaman shouts with incredulity, “What is this evidence that you could provide which would speak in your defense?! You could be just as deceptive as those men in white who first came to us in peace offering things like free healthcare!”

“I agree with my shaman. Why should we believe that it was you that aided my people. Please provide us with this evidence.” The Nazren chief eases back into his throne comfortably, eager for any information that would provide hope for his people.

With her left hand, Mharrual the Shade reaches for an item pinned to her infiltrator’s uniform, “At the very least, I can provide you with proof of our shared struggle against the evil that is the Palpatine regime.” Removing the pin from her chest Mharrula produces the official insignia of the House Organa and places it firmly in the hand of the defiant shaman. “We are with the House Organa. We only wish to help you in this great struggle.”

“What is this?” The shaman gracefully climbs up the steps to Chief Tankar’s throne and presents the symbol. “This could be the sign of the evil one, my chief!”

“No!” A hush comes over the murmuring crowd of Nazren warriors. “It is a symbol I recognize from long ago and it is indeed a symbol of peace.” Without explanation the wise warrior king continues, “Excuse my good advisor. He has proven himself time and again with valuable information and insight, however, in this, that is the ways of the universe outside our planet, he is in want.” The shaman respectfully makes a bow before his king with humility.

“I have contacts spread thin throughout the core worlds as you would call them and I have indeed made an effort to learn of the benevolent ruler residing on the planet Alderaan. If you are from him, then you are to be called ‘friend’. Even so, ‘friend’ is a title that must be earned among my people. You must prove your friendship and therefore, I must know how you would help us. Among you now is but a small fraction of my people who were able to successfully resist this Empire but at great cost. Even now we would fight but not without support from those of us who yet remain in our capital city.”

The team converses privately with one another before responding for a few moments. Eventually, it would be up to Mharrula to negotiate with the leader of the cavern-dwelling Nazren. “My lord, if we were able to learn more of the Empire’s strength here on your planet, we may be able to form a proper plan to overthrow them.”

“That information we can certainly provide. If I may, please forgive my advisor’s reluctance to believe your story for you see, you have brought one of them with you.” The chief singles out the Trandoshan mercenary. “It is through his kind that we find ourselves given over to this emperor of whom you speak.”

“Darn your species’ bad habits!” Mharrula upbraids her companion who can only respond with a look of shock written across his green, leathery face.

“As I mentioned before, we await the signal of one within the city. A Nazren who goes by the name of Sartok. If you would be willing to locate this Sartok whom we had been in communication with until one week past and to help us to determine his reason or reasons for ceasing all such communications you would prove yourselves worthy to the Nazren people and earn that hallowed title of ‘friend’.”

“Not a problem! Where was this guy last seen?”, Trissen smiles broadly as the prospect of taking the fight to the Empire and becomes joyful at the positive turn of events with their host.

Sartok was last seen within the capital city and I fear that perhaps he has been detained by the men in white with their walking machines, possibly residing within one of their accursed concentration camps. We would make our own investigation but we dare not step within one meter of the city lest we, too, might become enslaved as the majority of us are escaped prisoners. Further, our beloved scorpions fear the energy shield surrounding the city making it impossible to ride them into war. Our only hope is the sign of Sartok, that is a dropping of this external shield. Once done we will fight to the death if need be, mounted on our fearsome beasts with voices raised to our God! The prophecy of our God! Tell them of the prophecy, my dear shaman!”

The face-painted shaman weaves between each of the team members rattling his scorpion stinger staff as the Nazren chief intones,

“An enslaver becomes a liberator,
A pirate shall rob the tyrant,
He who is without spirit shall inspire,
And the fallen one shall rise again with a beam of light.”

Between each stanza, the shaman waves his staff and hands nearest to the suggested subject of each line, first the Trandoshan, then the Trianii, the battle droid and finally the Jedi Knight.

Softly, the prophecy is repeated by the warriors assembled in the cave creating an eerie atmosphere in the dimly lit cavern. A few uncomfortable moments pass and the chief speaks once more, “So. You would be willing to aid us in our struggle against the Empire?”

“Yes, of course”, replies the Lady Mharrula.

The chief rises from his throne eagerly and with a broad grin, “Excellent. Then let my warriors take you to the edge of the city riding on the backs of our gentle giants!”

To be continued…

An Update from Nizon

Shortly after landing their space crafts within the bowels of a mountain overlooking Nizon city, the crew of the Bad Day were greeted most rudely by another team of ‘explorers’. Crash landing and coming within inches of a collision with the hero’s ship, this new team would emerge under less than ideal circumstances. Despite having the assistance of two Jedi within the ranks of the interlopers as able negotiators, suspicions and distrust between the two groups became irreconciliable resulting in all out war. Fortunately for all, matters went from bad to worse as the noise generated by the impromptu battle attracted the more dangerous of denizens of the planet, the dreaded Blade Scorpions. Deciding that the enemies’ enemy was now more friend than foe in light of a remarkable change in the environment, as it were, the two groups joined together in defense for their survival. The decision proved a wise one as the giant monstrosities were ultimately brought low after what seemed an eternity of triumphs and setbacks. The victory was brief, however, as the cavern was almost immediately filled by yet more occupants, an entire warrior force of Nazren armed and deadly with some mounted on the dread scorpions.

Upon discovering the motivation of the visitors’ arrival on their planet, the Nazren called a truce. Both mercenary teams were encouraged to travel with the warrior band delving deeper into the mountain to meet with the chief of their tribe and to stay with them for awhile as honored guests…upon the threat of death, of course.

Trissen's Log-002

Clearing the asteroid field was actually easier than expected. The Imperials sent out V-wing fighters to annihilate us, but I am starting to have my doubts as to whether or not they actually train their pilots. Either way, we are now scanning the surface of Nizon for a place where the enemy cannot find the _Bad Day. The surface of the planet is incredibly dusty. I have been informed that one must wear a face mask just to breath anything in. There appears to be a large, richer city with an odd force field surrounding it. To the side of the city is a mountain with several cave like formations the we could possibly hide in for the time being. I will write more once we have landed.

Just landed. I probably could have chosen a wider cave, backing out might serve to be a problem. I have ordered the crew to keep electronic devices off for the most part in case the Imperials sense us. B1-X is most likely messing around with the prisoner down in the cargo hold. I’ll send someone to
(Log Interrupted)

A New Mission

It has been only a week since my crew departed from Almas Academy. Fortunately my mechanic and system operator had the guts to join me again on our next mission: an investigation mission on the planet Nizon. Captain Verana has agreed to pay a satisfactory sum for the last mission on the condition that we finish this new and rather inconvenient one. The droid B-1X seems to believe that he can hide an overgrown destroyer droid inside my aptly-named vessel “The Bad Day”. His attempt to smuggle the metal demon onto my ship was pitiful, but I played along with his little joke. Perhaps that lump of spare parts and mal-intentions will be of some use… Nevertheless, I still have my reservations.
We encountered a star destroyer protecting the planet and our sensors picked up many readings of enemy ships currently in orbit around Nizon. The Bad Day and Torrent’s starfighter were able to easily take down the enemy’s A-Wing fighters. We were even able to take one hostage, although I doubt he’ll tell us anything about the Empire’s occupation of Nizon.
We have just entered an asteroid belt surrounding Nizon, so I will have to postpone this log until we arrive on the planet’s surface…

A Rotten Start
This adventure got up on the port side of the bed...

(Mharrula’s POV)

Actually, it wasn’t a completely rotten start. I was able to buy a fantastic new weapon and they gave me plenty of credits for our last mission- though both me and Trissen would agree it wasn’t enough for the amount of work we put in! Huh, that’s funny, we agreed on something.
Well, I’m certain that won’t happen again. For example, today our brilliant droid came up with the idea of taking one of his nifty Droideklers along to help defend us. Trissen immediately nixed the idea before we could even convice him. Curses! However, I think B1-X managed to sneak the thing along anyway. I hope so.
As it turns out, we’re looking for clues about the Sarlacc project on a planet where the citizens are enslaved by the Empire. I say, to heck with this wild goose chase for a phantasmal Sarlacc! I’d rather grab those slaves from the Empire’s clutches and make ’em my crew. The Pirate Queen will ride again!

(Time break.)

Terrible. Dreadful. We tried to make it up to the planet when this Star Destroyer blocked our way and tried to arrest us. What are we going to do now? I’m tired, my nerves are shot from the firefight, and I’m still frustrated with our “fearless leader.” Huh!
Until next time, I suppose…

Into the Jaws
An Imperial Reception

The Opening Crawl for Star Wars – Dawn of Defiance: Episode V The First To Strike

Master Denia’s Plea

“Thank you for coming. I know that you have many demands on your
“As I had hoped, my training with the holocron has proven very
useful, and I thank you again for your assistance inrecovering it.
With its aid, I have deepened and lengthened my meditations and
have begun to understand the glimpses I receive with greater
accuracy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with great suffering, and
the cries of whole worlds oppressed come through the Force most
“In particular, I have been hearing cries for help from what I
believe to be the homeworld of the slaves you freed from the
Imperials. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe
these prisoners were Nazren, a species from Centares, an obscure
system in the Malrood Sector. I passed this information to Senator
Organa, and he sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University.
“It seems that the Nazren are a species from outside the Empire.
They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in
the Senate. The Empire has a small force on the mining planet
Centares, the third world in the Centares System, but has been
reassigning those ships for some weeks. The Nazren are native to
Nizon, the fifth planet in the system. Since the Empire has no
official interest in Nizon, it seems likely that they have made raids
on Nizon for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on
Centares. But they might have left some records or clues on Nizon
about the Sarlacc Project. Also, the people of Nizon might make
useful allies if the Empire has mistreated them.
“Though there is little information about Centares or Nizon in
our records, Captain Verana has managed to locate hyperspace
coordinates for Nizon in his navcomputer. He’s willing to share them
with you—if you’re willing to travelthere. I ask that you take a trip
to Nizon and investigate its treatment at the hands of the Empire.
Proof of Imperial depredations might give Senator Organa additional
influence in the Senate, and if the Nizon are interested in opposing
the Empire on a widespread basis, we might be able to assist them.”

Jaina and the Stalfonauts, Part Two
The Sum of All Evil

After searching for hours within the Jedi Temple library on Almas, the team ultimately discovered the hidden mechanisms that would lead them to the source of the whispering. Upon uncovering the door hidden by a false bookshelf, the heroes were bathed in an eerie, glowing, green light emanating from the newly discovered room.

Within the room itself, the group came upon two disparate groups of Temple thieves, Jaina Sapphire and her Stalfonauts, a Twi’lek female named Doneeta and a lady Rodian calling herself Greeata. Opposite this all woman team was a male group of Kel Dorian bounty hunters led by the confidant Torin Dol.

Fortunate to have the company of the heroes, the robber teams decided to entice the heroes to become arbiters in a dispute over a set of precious crystals mounted above and on either side of a doorway which led to sublevel 2 of the Temple. From these crystal balls, the emerald illumination was provided. Torin Dol made known that these objects were not simply a convenient source of lighting but were, in fact, rare containment vessels, though he dared not elaborate more concerning what these items were designed to contain.

Mharrula the Shade, Torrent and Trissen managed to persuade the two groups to challenge each other in a friendly game of Sabacc from which a winner might be decided and to whom the spoils should go. The heroes chose as their card playing champion their ‘fresh-from-the-Sabacc-table’ on Bespin, their favorite Trandoshan militant scoundrel, Trissen. Almost without a challenge, the three groups played four rounds from which Trissen emerged as the gambling victor. In a surprise move, instead claiming the orbs for himself, Trissen offered the pair of orbs, one each per the arguing groups. This resolution was well received and as the representatives from each group reached for the orbs, all hell broke loose.

Unbeknownst to all parties, the containment orbs were not currently empty. Issuing forth from these crystals emerged a pair of alien spectres that immediately descended upon Greeata and a Kel Dorian member of Torin’s team. Both humanoids let out blood-curdling shreiks as their minds were invaded by these dark assailants. Taking possession of their new hosts, the alien dopplegangers animated each body emphasized by a now green glowing aura outlining their hosts’ bodies. With eyes now pale white and with inhuman voices, the occupants of the room were addressed,

We are the sum of all evil! Leave this place or suffer a fate worse than death!

As if in response, the archive blast door from which Mharrula and company entered slammed shut trapping all occupants within. Contrary to their insistence for departure, the alien presences had no desire to allow escape. All were now under attack.

Further unexpected was the blue-green lightning firing forth from the possessed vessels’ fingertips one set of which struck hard at the Trandoshan warrior overcoming his normally stoic manner and causing him to cry out in pain with the force of the electric blow. Torin Dol, too suffered tremendously from the strike of his former team mate now obviously no longer in his body’s control. Torin was brought to his knees and struggled to recover.

In response, Trissen and Mharrula destroyed the pair of containment crystals thinking that this would stop the threat. However, as the crystals exploded to thousands of pieces as a result of the blaster bolts slamming into them, the alien spirits persisted.

There is no passion . . . there is solely obsession.
There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.
There is no purpose. There is solely will.
There is nothing . . .
Only me.

Torrent lept into battle first calling upon his training to use the force to snuff out the consciousness of the now possessed Greeata. Though effective, this tactic revealed to the alien creature Torrent’s own connection to the living Force and thus unwittingly made himself the sole target of the alien adversary. Relying on its own knowledge of the dark side of the Force, the alien concentrated on choking the human survivor of the order of 66. To no avail, however, as Torrent, now a Jedi Knight, had grown very powerful in the Force. Realizing that this tactic, though effective was not enough to win the day, Torrent drew out his lightsaber, ignited it and closed in on his ghostly opponent. Screaming in terror for her friend, Doneeta protested this new tactic and quickly approached the Jedi in the hopes of preventing what she knew would be the accidental slaughter of her best friend.

Seeing that her companion was about to be tackled and thus ruin any hope for survival, Mharrula rushed to intercept the distraught Twi’lek and quickly wrestled her to the ground securing Doneeta with makeshift handcuffs using her liquid cable dispenser. “Take it easy, sister. Your friend is no longer anyone’s.”

Meanwhile, Trissen had troubles of his own. Seeing his chance to get out while the gettin’ was good, he joined Jaina at the blast door in an attempt to re-open their only means of escape. Working feverishly together, the door’s mechanical lock was overridden allowing passage under it as it was only allowing roughly two to three feet of entry. The aliens. They were attempting to slam it shut once again. Jaina shot a grateful over to the Trandoshan, quickly spoke a word of thanks and flew from the scene despite having companions left inside. Trissen, too, was ready to leave when he noticed that Torin Dol was about to become the new host for the spirit which had attacked him with electrical fury. Though rough on the exterior, the Trandoshan soldier did have honor, unlike Jaina, and ran to Torin’s aid.

Noting the presence of a dormant generator, Trissen thought and acted quickly. Dropping his blast cannon, he then produced his Nabooian ascension gun. He fired at Greeata, pulled hard and forced Greeata’s body to slam into the body of the possessed bounty hunter. Both ended up smashed into the generator which reacted to the energy emanating from both alien creatures by springing to life and now set to overload with the sheer magnitude of the spent energy as both alien spirits began to emerge from their hosts.

“It’s gonna blow! Trissen urged that everyone vacate the room as the hum of the generator grew louder and louder to eventually terminate in a shrill, high volume whine.

Torrent, noting the aliens were not yet done with their assault, reached out with the power of the force and thrust both creatures back onto the wall above the generator. He then raced to the exit just as the device exploded filling the room with a conflagration enough to destroy everything within, including the sentient malicious beings.

In the end, all were rescued, including the bodies of the possessed bounty hunter and of Jaina’s former associate, the Rodian female, Greeata. All were rushed to the space port where the crew’s medic, Ibeksus Gloot, treated all of the injured.

Jaina Sapphire, however, was nowhere to be found…

Jaina and the Stalfonauts, Part One

The group retired to the space port after their last encounter on the doorstep of the Jedi Academy. Torrent, much exhausted, battered and bruised following the meeting with the Dark Lizard riding Squibs, placed himself in a Force Trance to recover and to meditate on the task at hand.

Trissen, ever the soldier, cleaned his firearms and using power packs and energy cells found in the Cularin milita ship’s cargo hold by his laid back computer engineer, Jendi, fully charged up his blast cannon and other like gear.

B1-X was retrofitted to an IG-110 ‘lightsaber droid’ so that he might more easily navigate through the corridors of the sublevels within the Temple once it was discovered by the computer expert that the Almas Academy Datacube that they had been carrying contained a full technical readout of the facility.

Within the span of eight hours, the heroes were fully rested and much healed. They decided to give their mission another try and this time hoped to get much further, at least beyond the front door of the ruined Almas Academy.

Shortly after entering the main hall, the group came upon a fountain in which the centerpiece was an ominous sculpture of a large, open palm. Detecting no water within the fountain but rather a dark, viscous-like fluid, Trissen charged up his blaster rifle and took a shot at the ancient fountain and its eerie contents. Immediately reacting to the blast, the black liquid rose up high from the fountain coalescing into the form of human hand before retreating into the fountain’s drain.

Moving forward through the ruined building surrounded by the result of orbital bombardment, collapsed ceiling and large chunks of ferrocrete walls, the party disturbed a section of wall and ceiling that was set to fall and it came down upon them. All of the heroes were subject to the effects of the falling debris, however, only the two astromech droids suffered harm. As a result the two droids were escorted back to the spaceport for repairs.

Shortly after returning from the spaceport, the team once again embarked on their mission deeper within the ruins. An old turbolift shaft was discovered, however, long out of use and inoperable. Without warning, the B1-X droid made good use of his new persona and drew out his lightsabers, jumped into the shaft and slowed his descent by puncturing the shaft’s walls and allowing his weight to do the rest. Not to be outdone, the Trandoshan soldier blasted his ascension gun’s cable into the shaft where it found an anchor on the floor below. Using this as a mechanism to reach the surface, Trissen, Mharrula the Shade and Torrent made their way below.

Reaching sublevel I and using the map granted by the Almas Academy Datacube, the party began their slow exploration first coming upon the vehicle hangar and the control room. Trissen rigged the operable computer console with power using the power cells given him from Jendi and was able to access the environmental controls for sublevel 1 which he immediately activated. In addition to dispelling the oppressive darkness Trissen was able to access detailed information concerning sublevel II below. Along with other pieces of information concerning what valuables may be found within the Temple, he downloaded all he could to his datapad and he and the others moved on to the storage room. Within the walls of the storage room, the heroes recovered two light, iron strong boxes of Mandalorian origin. Into the group placed what works of art they could find on this level. They then proceeded to the Jedi Temple’s library.

Opening the door to the library the group came upon an absolute mess. The library itself was in shambles and little of value could be had due to looters. To either side of the door to the reading area, the heroes noted the existence of two busts with depictions of old Jedi Masters, one which bore the visage of a Jedi Master Quornah. Unfortunately, the head of the this bust was found broken on the floor revealing a cube-like cavity inside. It was empty. Taking the hint that these busts could have been used as secret storage device, Trissen knocked over the second bust, however, no such storage area was found within. However, the ruckus caused by the Trandoshan did not go unnoticed. The heroes immediately overheard a voice barely above a whisper, “What the heck was that?!”

To be continued…


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