Dawn of Defiance

Trissen's Log-002

Clearing the asteroid field was actually easier than expected. The Imperials sent out V-wing fighters to annihilate us, but I am starting to have my doubts as to whether or not they actually train their pilots. Either way, we are now scanning the surface of Nizon for a place where the enemy cannot find the _Bad Day. The surface of the planet is incredibly dusty. I have been informed that one must wear a face mask just to breath anything in. There appears to be a large, richer city with an odd force field surrounding it. To the side of the city is a mountain with several cave like formations the we could possibly hide in for the time being. I will write more once we have landed.

Just landed. I probably could have chosen a wider cave, backing out might serve to be a problem. I have ordered the crew to keep electronic devices off for the most part in case the Imperials sense us. B1-X is most likely messing around with the prisoner down in the cargo hold. I’ll send someone to
(Log Interrupted)



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