Dawn of Defiance

Jaina and the Stalfonauts, Part One

The group retired to the space port after their last encounter on the doorstep of the Jedi Academy. Torrent, much exhausted, battered and bruised following the meeting with the Dark Lizard riding Squibs, placed himself in a Force Trance to recover and to meditate on the task at hand.

Trissen, ever the soldier, cleaned his firearms and using power packs and energy cells found in the Cularin milita ship’s cargo hold by his laid back computer engineer, Jendi, fully charged up his blast cannon and other like gear.

B1-X was retrofitted to an IG-110 ‘lightsaber droid’ so that he might more easily navigate through the corridors of the sublevels within the Temple once it was discovered by the computer expert that the Almas Academy Datacube that they had been carrying contained a full technical readout of the facility.

Within the span of eight hours, the heroes were fully rested and much healed. They decided to give their mission another try and this time hoped to get much further, at least beyond the front door of the ruined Almas Academy.

Shortly after entering the main hall, the group came upon a fountain in which the centerpiece was an ominous sculpture of a large, open palm. Detecting no water within the fountain but rather a dark, viscous-like fluid, Trissen charged up his blaster rifle and took a shot at the ancient fountain and its eerie contents. Immediately reacting to the blast, the black liquid rose up high from the fountain coalescing into the form of human hand before retreating into the fountain’s drain.

Moving forward through the ruined building surrounded by the result of orbital bombardment, collapsed ceiling and large chunks of ferrocrete walls, the party disturbed a section of wall and ceiling that was set to fall and it came down upon them. All of the heroes were subject to the effects of the falling debris, however, only the two astromech droids suffered harm. As a result the two droids were escorted back to the spaceport for repairs.

Shortly after returning from the spaceport, the team once again embarked on their mission deeper within the ruins. An old turbolift shaft was discovered, however, long out of use and inoperable. Without warning, the B1-X droid made good use of his new persona and drew out his lightsabers, jumped into the shaft and slowed his descent by puncturing the shaft’s walls and allowing his weight to do the rest. Not to be outdone, the Trandoshan soldier blasted his ascension gun’s cable into the shaft where it found an anchor on the floor below. Using this as a mechanism to reach the surface, Trissen, Mharrula the Shade and Torrent made their way below.

Reaching sublevel I and using the map granted by the Almas Academy Datacube, the party began their slow exploration first coming upon the vehicle hangar and the control room. Trissen rigged the operable computer console with power using the power cells given him from Jendi and was able to access the environmental controls for sublevel 1 which he immediately activated. In addition to dispelling the oppressive darkness Trissen was able to access detailed information concerning sublevel II below. Along with other pieces of information concerning what valuables may be found within the Temple, he downloaded all he could to his datapad and he and the others moved on to the storage room. Within the walls of the storage room, the heroes recovered two light, iron strong boxes of Mandalorian origin. Into the group placed what works of art they could find on this level. They then proceeded to the Jedi Temple’s library.

Opening the door to the library the group came upon an absolute mess. The library itself was in shambles and little of value could be had due to looters. To either side of the door to the reading area, the heroes noted the existence of two busts with depictions of old Jedi Masters, one which bore the visage of a Jedi Master Quornah. Unfortunately, the head of the this bust was found broken on the floor revealing a cube-like cavity inside. It was empty. Taking the hint that these busts could have been used as secret storage device, Trissen knocked over the second bust, however, no such storage area was found within. However, the ruckus caused by the Trandoshan did not go unnoticed. The heroes immediately overheard a voice barely above a whisper, “What the heck was that?!”

To be continued…



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