Dawn of Defiance

Jaina and the Stalfonauts, Part Two

The Sum of All Evil

After searching for hours within the Jedi Temple library on Almas, the team ultimately discovered the hidden mechanisms that would lead them to the source of the whispering. Upon uncovering the door hidden by a false bookshelf, the heroes were bathed in an eerie, glowing, green light emanating from the newly discovered room.

Within the room itself, the group came upon two disparate groups of Temple thieves, Jaina Sapphire and her Stalfonauts, a Twi’lek female named Doneeta and a lady Rodian calling herself Greeata. Opposite this all woman team was a male group of Kel Dorian bounty hunters led by the confidant Torin Dol.

Fortunate to have the company of the heroes, the robber teams decided to entice the heroes to become arbiters in a dispute over a set of precious crystals mounted above and on either side of a doorway which led to sublevel 2 of the Temple. From these crystal balls, the emerald illumination was provided. Torin Dol made known that these objects were not simply a convenient source of lighting but were, in fact, rare containment vessels, though he dared not elaborate more concerning what these items were designed to contain.

Mharrula the Shade, Torrent and Trissen managed to persuade the two groups to challenge each other in a friendly game of Sabacc from which a winner might be decided and to whom the spoils should go. The heroes chose as their card playing champion their ‘fresh-from-the-Sabacc-table’ on Bespin, their favorite Trandoshan militant scoundrel, Trissen. Almost without a challenge, the three groups played four rounds from which Trissen emerged as the gambling victor. In a surprise move, instead claiming the orbs for himself, Trissen offered the pair of orbs, one each per the arguing groups. This resolution was well received and as the representatives from each group reached for the orbs, all hell broke loose.

Unbeknownst to all parties, the containment orbs were not currently empty. Issuing forth from these crystals emerged a pair of alien spectres that immediately descended upon Greeata and a Kel Dorian member of Torin’s team. Both humanoids let out blood-curdling shreiks as their minds were invaded by these dark assailants. Taking possession of their new hosts, the alien dopplegangers animated each body emphasized by a now green glowing aura outlining their hosts’ bodies. With eyes now pale white and with inhuman voices, the occupants of the room were addressed,

We are the sum of all evil! Leave this place or suffer a fate worse than death!

As if in response, the archive blast door from which Mharrula and company entered slammed shut trapping all occupants within. Contrary to their insistence for departure, the alien presences had no desire to allow escape. All were now under attack.

Further unexpected was the blue-green lightning firing forth from the possessed vessels’ fingertips one set of which struck hard at the Trandoshan warrior overcoming his normally stoic manner and causing him to cry out in pain with the force of the electric blow. Torin Dol, too suffered tremendously from the strike of his former team mate now obviously no longer in his body’s control. Torin was brought to his knees and struggled to recover.

In response, Trissen and Mharrula destroyed the pair of containment crystals thinking that this would stop the threat. However, as the crystals exploded to thousands of pieces as a result of the blaster bolts slamming into them, the alien spirits persisted.

There is no passion . . . there is solely obsession.
There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.
There is no purpose. There is solely will.
There is nothing . . .
Only me.

Torrent lept into battle first calling upon his training to use the force to snuff out the consciousness of the now possessed Greeata. Though effective, this tactic revealed to the alien creature Torrent’s own connection to the living Force and thus unwittingly made himself the sole target of the alien adversary. Relying on its own knowledge of the dark side of the Force, the alien concentrated on choking the human survivor of the order of 66. To no avail, however, as Torrent, now a Jedi Knight, had grown very powerful in the Force. Realizing that this tactic, though effective was not enough to win the day, Torrent drew out his lightsaber, ignited it and closed in on his ghostly opponent. Screaming in terror for her friend, Doneeta protested this new tactic and quickly approached the Jedi in the hopes of preventing what she knew would be the accidental slaughter of her best friend.

Seeing that her companion was about to be tackled and thus ruin any hope for survival, Mharrula rushed to intercept the distraught Twi’lek and quickly wrestled her to the ground securing Doneeta with makeshift handcuffs using her liquid cable dispenser. “Take it easy, sister. Your friend is no longer anyone’s.”

Meanwhile, Trissen had troubles of his own. Seeing his chance to get out while the gettin’ was good, he joined Jaina at the blast door in an attempt to re-open their only means of escape. Working feverishly together, the door’s mechanical lock was overridden allowing passage under it as it was only allowing roughly two to three feet of entry. The aliens. They were attempting to slam it shut once again. Jaina shot a grateful over to the Trandoshan, quickly spoke a word of thanks and flew from the scene despite having companions left inside. Trissen, too, was ready to leave when he noticed that Torin Dol was about to become the new host for the spirit which had attacked him with electrical fury. Though rough on the exterior, the Trandoshan soldier did have honor, unlike Jaina, and ran to Torin’s aid.

Noting the presence of a dormant generator, Trissen thought and acted quickly. Dropping his blast cannon, he then produced his Nabooian ascension gun. He fired at Greeata, pulled hard and forced Greeata’s body to slam into the body of the possessed bounty hunter. Both ended up smashed into the generator which reacted to the energy emanating from both alien creatures by springing to life and now set to overload with the sheer magnitude of the spent energy as both alien spirits began to emerge from their hosts.

“It’s gonna blow! Trissen urged that everyone vacate the room as the hum of the generator grew louder and louder to eventually terminate in a shrill, high volume whine.

Torrent, noting the aliens were not yet done with their assault, reached out with the power of the force and thrust both creatures back onto the wall above the generator. He then raced to the exit just as the device exploded filling the room with a conflagration enough to destroy everything within, including the sentient malicious beings.

In the end, all were rescued, including the bodies of the possessed bounty hunter and of Jaina’s former associate, the Rodian female, Greeata. All were rushed to the space port where the crew’s medic, Ibeksus Gloot, treated all of the injured.

Jaina Sapphire, however, was nowhere to be found…



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