Dawn of Defiance

Into the Jaws

An Imperial Reception

The Opening Crawl for Star Wars – Dawn of Defiance: Episode V The First To Strike

Master Denia’s Plea

“Thank you for coming. I know that you have many demands on your
“As I had hoped, my training with the holocron has proven very
useful, and I thank you again for your assistance inrecovering it.
With its aid, I have deepened and lengthened my meditations and
have begun to understand the glimpses I receive with greater
accuracy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with great suffering, and
the cries of whole worlds oppressed come through the Force most
“In particular, I have been hearing cries for help from what I
believe to be the homeworld of the slaves you freed from the
Imperials. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe
these prisoners were Nazren, a species from Centares, an obscure
system in the Malrood Sector. I passed this information to Senator
Organa, and he sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University.
“It seems that the Nazren are a species from outside the Empire.
They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in
the Senate. The Empire has a small force on the mining planet
Centares, the third world in the Centares System, but has been
reassigning those ships for some weeks. The Nazren are native to
Nizon, the fifth planet in the system. Since the Empire has no
official interest in Nizon, it seems likely that they have made raids
on Nizon for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on
Centares. But they might have left some records or clues on Nizon
about the Sarlacc Project. Also, the people of Nizon might make
useful allies if the Empire has mistreated them.
“Though there is little information about Centares or Nizon in
our records, Captain Verana has managed to locate hyperspace
coordinates for Nizon in his navcomputer. He’s willing to share them
with you—if you’re willing to travelthere. I ask that you take a trip
to Nizon and investigate its treatment at the hands of the Empire.
Proof of Imperial depredations might give Senator Organa additional
influence in the Senate, and if the Nizon are interested in opposing
the Empire on a widespread basis, we might be able to assist them.”



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