Dawn of Defiance

An Update from Nizon

Shortly after landing their space crafts within the bowels of a mountain overlooking Nizon city, the crew of the Bad Day were greeted most rudely by another team of ‘explorers’. Crash landing and coming within inches of a collision with the hero’s ship, this new team would emerge under less than ideal circumstances. Despite having the assistance of two Jedi within the ranks of the interlopers as able negotiators, suspicions and distrust between the two groups became irreconciliable resulting in all out war. Fortunately for all, matters went from bad to worse as the noise generated by the impromptu battle attracted the more dangerous of denizens of the planet, the dreaded Blade Scorpions. Deciding that the enemies’ enemy was now more friend than foe in light of a remarkable change in the environment, as it were, the two groups joined together in defense for their survival. The decision proved a wise one as the giant monstrosities were ultimately brought low after what seemed an eternity of triumphs and setbacks. The victory was brief, however, as the cavern was almost immediately filled by yet more occupants, an entire warrior force of Nazren armed and deadly with some mounted on the dread scorpions.

Upon discovering the motivation of the visitors’ arrival on their planet, the Nazren called a truce. Both mercenary teams were encouraged to travel with the warrior band delving deeper into the mountain to meet with the chief of their tribe and to stay with them for awhile as honored guests…upon the threat of death, of course.



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