Dawn of Defiance

A Rotten Start

This adventure got up on the port side of the bed...

(Mharrula’s POV)

Actually, it wasn’t a completely rotten start. I was able to buy a fantastic new weapon and they gave me plenty of credits for our last mission- though both me and Trissen would agree it wasn’t enough for the amount of work we put in! Huh, that’s funny, we agreed on something.
Well, I’m certain that won’t happen again. For example, today our brilliant droid came up with the idea of taking one of his nifty Droideklers along to help defend us. Trissen immediately nixed the idea before we could even convice him. Curses! However, I think B1-X managed to sneak the thing along anyway. I hope so.
As it turns out, we’re looking for clues about the Sarlacc project on a planet where the citizens are enslaved by the Empire. I say, to heck with this wild goose chase for a phantasmal Sarlacc! I’d rather grab those slaves from the Empire’s clutches and make ’em my crew. The Pirate Queen will ride again!

(Time break.)

Terrible. Dreadful. We tried to make it up to the planet when this Star Destroyer blocked our way and tried to arrest us. What are we going to do now? I’m tired, my nerves are shot from the firefight, and I’m still frustrated with our “fearless leader.” Huh!
Until next time, I suppose…



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