Dawn of Defiance

A New Mission

It has been only a week since my crew departed from Almas Academy. Fortunately my mechanic and system operator had the guts to join me again on our next mission: an investigation mission on the planet Nizon. Captain Verana has agreed to pay a satisfactory sum for the last mission on the condition that we finish this new and rather inconvenient one. The droid B-1X seems to believe that he can hide an overgrown destroyer droid inside my aptly-named vessel “The Bad Day”. His attempt to smuggle the metal demon onto my ship was pitiful, but I played along with his little joke. Perhaps that lump of spare parts and mal-intentions will be of some use… Nevertheless, I still have my reservations.
We encountered a star destroyer protecting the planet and our sensors picked up many readings of enemy ships currently in orbit around Nizon. The Bad Day and Torrent’s starfighter were able to easily take down the enemy’s A-Wing fighters. We were even able to take one hostage, although I doubt he’ll tell us anything about the Empire’s occupation of Nizon.
We have just entered an asteroid belt surrounding Nizon, so I will have to postpone this log until we arrive on the planet’s surface…



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